Pursuant to Article 136 of the Law on Companies ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 065/20), shareholders are informed that by the Decision of the Board of Directors of the Company, no. 1455-N/21 from May 11th 2021, the ordinary Shareholders' Assembly of “Novi duvanski kombinat” JSC Podgorica was convened on June 17 2021 which shall take place in the premises of the Company, Kraljice Milene bb, Podgorica, starting at 10 a.m.

For the session the following was established:


  1. 1. Introduction to the unique list of shareholders and election of working bodies of the General Meeting;
  1. 2. Adoption of the Record from the previous General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 17th 2021;
  1. 3. Adoption of the Company's Articles of Association;
  1. 4. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company;
  1. 5. Review and adoption of annual financial statements and reports on the Company's operations for 2020, with the report of the independent auditor "Ernst & Young Montenegro" LLC Podgorica;
  1. 6. Dismissal and election of members of the Board of Directors of the Company;
  1. 7. Appointment of the Company's auditor for 2021;
  1. 8. Miscellaneous.

According to the statement from the Central Clearing Depositary Company (CKDD), the total number of voting shares is 22.843.287, of which it is owned by:

-Capital City of Podgorica 2.021.816 shares (8,6% ownership),

-Government of Montenegro 270.543 shares  (1,16% ownership),

 -Grand International FZ-LLC, UAE, 20.550.928 shares (88,28% ownership).


All actions are ordinary, regular actions, with the right to vote, where each action is entitled to one vote.

It is considered that there is a quorum for the holding of the Ordinary Shareholders Assembly, if the Assembly is attended by shareholders who own at least half of the total number of shares with voting right, who are present personally, represented by a proxy or voted through the ballot papers.

The decisions are made by the majority of votes of the present or represented shareholders or through ballot papers.

When electing the members of the Board of Directors, each share with the voting right gives the number of votes equal to the number of members of the Board of Directors, which is determined by the company's Articles of Association (cumulative voting). The shareholder or proxy of a shareholder may allocate all votes to one candidate or assign them to multiple candidates at his own discretion. The candidates who won the highest number of votes are elected to the Board of Directors by the Shareholders Assembly.

The shareholder and shareholders who have at least 5% of the share capital have the right to nominate a candidate for board members.   

The material for the ordinary Shareholders Assembly shall be available to shareholders, within the legally prescribed time limit, in the business premises of the Company's headquarters, in Podgorica, every working day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The power of attorney to the Assembly of shareholders must be certified in accordance with the Law. The form of power of attorney and the voting card may be taken over by the shareholders in the business premises of the Company's headquarters, in Podgorica, every working day from 9 am to 2 pm.



Abdulsalam Murad Juwaied Alganahi m.p.